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Who  We  Are

In 2015 I had an opportunity to purchase NY Decals N Lettering.  It had been run successfully since 2004 by the original founder/owner and then to a second owner for two years.   I saw it had a lot of growth potential and it looked like fun!  


I had some skills with older design software but needed to update myself.  Training classes, vehicle wrap school, countless YouTube videos, adding new updated equipment, more training classes, and a lot of trial and error has accomplished a lot of improvements.


The one thing that I did not think about when I jumped on board was how many different people I would get to interact with that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  It’s been a real pleasure being able to serve the Ossian-Dansville community along with other communities and businesses.


The future goal of NY Decals N Lettering is to continue to improve, grow, and reinvest in itself to provide the best service, fastest turnaround times as possible, and the best quality products that YOU the customer deserve!

Robert Falkevitz

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