Truck Lettering   Page 2 - with color samples
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Below is a magnetic sign with a  black background.  The black background blends in with the truck.

The lettering for the word Pragle is just an outline.  The white in the center of the outlines is the white of the truck.

We can make your Credit Card symbols for you.

We remake logos for you. 

Or we can create logos for you!
Mixing two or three different shades of the same color can give a great effect. 
The lettering Valley View is a dark blue.  The Order Buyers lettering is teal, a shade of blue.
Stock colors are as follows: Purple, Blue-Purple, Bright Med Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Teal, Mint, Dark Green, Medium Green, Lime Green, Darker Lime Green, Brown,Orange, Standard Red, Burgandy, Standard Yellow, Golden Yellow, Cream, Medium-Light Gray, Light Gray, White, Black. Standard Stock, but slightly higher priced: Section 1: Gold, Silver, Copper. Section 2: Metallic Blue-Med Light, Metallic Blue Dark Section 3: Diamond Plate small diamonds, Chrome, Ultra Metallic Silver.  Difractolite Silver, Multilens Violet, Durable Mirror Lens-Plum Violet, Fantasy Sequins.
  Difractolite Silver       Multilens Violet      Small Diamond Plate     Fantasy Sequins
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Fitzpatrick Semi Trailer
Sidewaller Enterprise