One of the nicest and long lasting sidewalk signs is the signicade, to the right.  It can be weighted down with filling the frame with sand or water.  Separate panels are made from coroplast or sintra board and screwed into the sign.    If you need to change the panels over the years, just remove the screws and replace.
The signicade for Jims Diner has yellow coroplast panels and burgandy vinyl lettering.
Sidewalk  Signs
More Sidewalk Signs on the Products Page
More Sidewalk Signs on the Products Page
More Sidewalk Signs on the Products Page

This sidewalk sign is metal with 2 sintra board panel (black) inserted into frame and held down tight with side clips.  Graphics and Lettering are out of 6 year vinyl.

This sign is for Verizon wireless in Geneseo.
Swinger Sidewalk sign with changeable lettering.
Swinger Sidewalk sign with marker board.
Same Swinger Sign with changeable lettering, only in black
Springer Sidewalk sign.  This sign has to be lettered with vinyl. We can customize it to your specifications.
Same as marker board swinger above, only white panels
This A-Frame to the left for The Hair Place is alumalite panels cut to shape.  If you notice the legs are cut out also.  The alumalite panels were painted black and the outlined area on each panel was sprayed with Black Chalk Spray. The lettering and scrolls are vinyl.
Just a reminder, we only mail custom signs.    We do not mail blank sign frames.