Most Recent Signs
Tom Osborne liked the design with the grass in the letters for his Lawn and Garden sign. He is located on route 63 between Dansville and Wayland. 
Graceland Dairies had a design in mind with the cow and the fence.  We just made it with the white oval behind the design so it would stand out from the blue truck. 
Can you figure this one out???  I designed and applied the thunderbird decal on the hood scoop area that can be seen from the inside of the car.  I took the picture off to the side by the drivers door.  What a job trying to get that down in that narrow area without taking the hood off!!!
Dansville Auto Mart wanted this large lettering so people driving by can read it easier.  Full Service Auto Repair !
Bob Fahy who ownes UpState Applications in Dansville NY wanted to advertise on the long doors on the truck caps.   When you have more than one color truck in a business you have to find colors that complement both.
Marian Crawford of Wayland NY wanted a cutout she had of a Charolais Bull, painted.  I used sign enamel to paint her Charolais.  She loved it and it is on the barn on Rt 63 between Wayland and Dansville.
Dansville Town and Country Agway has a combination of Cut Decals, Printed Decals, and Magnetic Signs.
Above is a Design you might like for your Business.  Change Colors and Lettering to make this your Logo.
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Ice Cream Island Menu with Pictures of Sundaes and More!
A Customer who was overlooking a job at The Old Foster Wheeler Plant wanted his company logo on his window.  The thing with this that was so different was---he wanted his own color scheme--boss said it was ok!!