Custom Menu Boards
Custom Menu Boards were made to fit in the spaces available at the Salvatore's Pizzaria on East Henrietta Road in Rochester NY.
The menu board on top is an alumalite board cut to size and printed vinyl applied to the alumalite.  A special silver outline tape was used to accent the different panels.  The Pepsi cooler had printed vinyl applied to the side.  All design work is done here at NY Decals N Lettering.  (Try their food it is great!)
Above, this menu board is the same material, alumalite and was place on the grill hood with heavy duty velcro.  The alumalite is very strong, but also light.
The Salvatore's Pizzaria on Scottsville Road in Rochester NY, wanted alumalite board, but they wanted their sign painted so it would look like chalkboard, and they wanted the vinyl cut lettering.  We had to do a little research on this one, because the chalkboard paint would not hold up to the vinyl lettering being pulled off and put back on again.  We decided to use a flat black vehicle paint with flat clear coat.  Wow you should see this sign!!!  It is great!!  This paint will hold up for this type of use for a long time.  Great results!!  If you get a chance and are in the area, stop in and look.  Their food is great too!!!  I think their pizza is excellent!