Magnetic Sign Template # 4
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Color and Font Charts Below
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Magnetic Sign # 4
$80 for 1 set (of 2)
12"H x 24" W
Discounts on Multiple sign orders Amounts 2-4=5%  5-10=10%
Visa, Mastercard, and Pay Pal Accepted
With a background color added ( $95
Template #4  is a 4 Line magnetic sign. Color changes you can make are as follows. Everything that is purple above can be any other color from the color chart below. Background will still be white and the letters showing through the top and bottom sections, will be white. For $95 you can change the background color, but the letters showing though, instead of the background being white, they will be the color you have chosen for the background color.  Samples below.

Type the letter you would like for The Color of the Lettering and Logo
Type the letter of the color you would like for the background color, here, only if ordering a background color
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Line 2 Text
Line 3 Text
Line 4 Text
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Sample of Magnetic Sign with a background color chosenAbove would be Green lettering and logo on Yellow background and the lettering showing through on the top and bottom sections will be yellow.
Please enjoy making your Magnetic Sign.  Step 1  Choose either your own colors or from a Color Scheme.  Step 2 Choose the fonts you like for your lettering  Step 3 Type in the wording you would like on your sign.  Step 4  Type in your email etc. and press the submit button.  We will send you a preview of your sign.
So Easy, Designs are already made for you!!
Please Select Here if ordering a background color