Please enjoy making your Magnetic Sign 
Step 1 ~ Choose either your own colors or from a Color Scheme. 
Step 2 ~ Choose the fonts you like for your lettering 
Step 3 ~ Type in the wording you would like on your sign. 
Step 4 ~ Type in your email etc. and press the submit button.
             We will send you a preview of your sign
Template #1 Is a 5 Line magnetic sign.
*Color changes you can make, IF Choosing Your Own Colors ~ Everything you see that is blue, can be any other color from the All Colors Available Chart below.    
Line 4, --(Fully Insured Free Estimates) Can be any color from color chart below. We have made some very nice color schemes you might like for this sign below, they are on the right.  Please select if your are choosing your own colors or a Color Scheme.
This is the only Magnetic Sign we offer with a background color for the Price Shown.  If you like another template, and would like a background color for one of them, we have shown the price of the sign with the additional background color for that particular sign. 
Magnetic Sign Template # 1
Line 1 Text
Line 2 Text
Line 3 Text
Line 4 Text
Line 5 Text
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Below you will find the fonts chart.
Please choose the fonts you would like for this sign.
** A helpful tip try not to choose any script lettering for letters you would like to be in all capitol letters as they never look good. Also try to choose a plain font for your phone number, it helps it stand out better.

  In the list below choose the fonts you like and type the number in for the line you would like them to be used on.
Please type in the Font Numbers for each corresponding line in the fields to the right.
Type the letter you would like for all colors except line 4 here
Type the letter of the color you would like for line 4 here
Type the letter of the color you would like for the Background color here
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4
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Please type in the text you would like on each line of your Magnetic Sign in the fields below
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Sign #1 $85 a set
Size is 12"H x 24" W
So Easy, Designs are already made for you!!