Craft Decals -- STENCIL Mask
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Would you like to paint or airbrush realistic looking images without having to draw extensive drawings.  Then this is the section for you.  Stencil mask is a one time use mask.  You lay the stenciled mask down on your work and airbrush or brush on the paint how you want it, let it dry, clear coat while mask is still on item or clear coat whole item later after removing mask.  Your painting looks professional when you are done. 
#1  This size is only a sample size for you to have an idea of the price.  For instance, you would like the size to be 7.6" Wide x 6.3 " High.  The stencil mask for a predesigned item like this would be $20.00 plus shipping.

If you increased the size to 11" x 9"  price would be only $5 more.

Of course, the larger the item and if you needed custom design,  design charges and increased sizes, would apply if it were a custom stencil.

If you needed multiple stencils of the same item, it would cut the cost per each stencil by approximately 30% for additional stencils.
We can design so many decals.  I will be getting some pages of the hundreds of decals you can change into stencil mask this Sept 2010.