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Business Signs are constructed from your choice of MDO sign board, aluminum, sintra board, or alumilite.   Lexan panels are for lighted signs.   For more information on the different types of substrates used for signs click on the different pages above.

Need to advertise that you take credit cards.  To the left, is a magnetic sign that is displayed on a customers van.  this could also be made into a sign or just decals for your shop. Visa MasterCard American Express Decals.
Above is a coroplast sign on a step stake.  For more informaton  on sign substrates click here 
Above sign was made from sintra board and placed in a wood frame and posts
More Sign Pictures on page 5 of Business Signs.  Click on the different pages above for more information
Above to the left are panels made for the Verizon Store in Geneseo.  Many signs were needed to put above the items they are selling.  To the right is an A-Frame sidewalk sign with arrows pointing to the store. 

Need colored banners!!!  If you need a specific color banner, the banners can be painted with sign enamel to your color choice, then lettering added.
Katherine Humphrey who worked for Cooperative Extension, for many years,  needed a new sign for their home business.  Below is the old sign and above  is the new one. Katherine and her husband who own the Evergreen Nursery and Christmas Tree Farm on Liberty Pole Road in Springwater NY, wanted to add quite a few things to the sign yet keep their lovely tree logo they have had for years. This is what we came up with. House number is in Reflective White.  Colors of sign are green and black.  As you can see we did the Evergreen Nursery in Reverse by picking the letters out of the black panel for contrast.
Humphrey's Old Sign to the left.  New sign above.
Menu Boards can be any style you like.  Any combination of colors you like.  The one above is from a set of 7 for Salvatore's Pizzeria in Rochester NY.  It is a printed panel applied to plexiglass which was placed in a backlit sign.  The yellow, red and white show up lit from the light behind.
To the left is a 8'H x 20' W aluminum sign done for Ametek on Union in Rochester NY
Vinly lettering on painted aluminum panels.