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Total size including Lettering and Burro Graphic is 27.5" Wide x 16.5" High.   PRICE is $75 per set. plus NY 8% tax (Shipping extra $13 via USPS in US)  A set is enough to do both sides of the camper. 
 Please call or email for color choice and payment if you do not have a Paypal account or for Custom Color availability.
Black with Gold
Colors shown above in this picture are Black lettering with Maroon Burro
Ronald from New Jersey chose Black Burro lettering with a Brown Burro Decal.

Hope you enjoy this Blog and take a look at the Burro Decals in this site

by Rob Falkevitz on 04/08/10

Welcome to NY Decals N Lettering where you can find Burro Camper Decals.  Hope you enjoy the blog and the site.  Cathy

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1. Cathy said on 11/20/10 - 08:25AM
I would just like to inform everyone, you can have any color Burro Decals Combination. Pick from White, Black, Medium Gray, Yellow, Blue, Teal, Orange, Green, Red, Maroon, Silver, Gold, etc. Please go to contact page to email us about your inquiry.
2. scoutr4 said on 12/24/10 - 04:24PM
I love my Burro. Am glad I found new decals when I reseal it next spring. Does anyone know where I can get a winter cover for it. I have a 14 footer.
3. John Wood said on 2/7/11 - 01:02PM
Darn, that's a good lookin' Burro! Ours has been setting in the sun too long...am looking for a good way to restore gelcoat...any suggestion?
4. Green Frog said on 6/18/11 - 08:58AM
I just bought an '83 Burro. It has had a frame-off rebuild with all new flooring so is mechanically just like new. Now for the cosmetics! These decals look like just what I need to finish it off when I get to that stage.
5. burrobolergirl said on 8/23/11 - 06:46PM
What are the original colors of stickers for old burro? thanks
6. Cathy-Owner of NY Decals N Lettering said on 8/23/11 - 07:03PM
For the question of "What were the original colors of the Burro Decals" I was told from one of my customers the Brown Burro and Black Lettering were the original colors. I am not positive about this. Thank you all for the comments on this blog. I have been so happy I can help you all.

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