Burro Camper Decals

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Total size including Lettering and Burro Graphic is 27.5" Wide x 16.5" High.   PRICE is $75 per set. plus NY 8% tax (Shipping extra $13 via USPS in US)  A set is enough to do both sides of the camper. 
 Please call or email for color choice and payment if you do not have a Paypal account or for Custom Color availability.
Black with Gold
Colors shown above in this picture are Black lettering with Maroon Burro
Ronald from New Jersey chose Black Burro lettering with a Brown Burro Decal.

Burro Camper Decals

New Paypal Link Added

by Rob Falkevitz on 09/10/15

It's starting to slow down a bit this week in the shop, maybe because everyone is getting back into their school routines?!  Anyway, it gave me a chance today to mess around with the website.  Nothing major but I did add a hyperlink to Paypal on this page "Buy Burro Decals here"  clicking on the underlined word here will now open up a new browser window that brings you right to Paypal's site.

In the future I would like to add a new page allowing you to choose colors and quantities and then be able to pay all online.  Still probably looking at winter before this happens. 

I also had a chance to mess around with making this site "mobile friendly".  Everyone has a cellphone and if you're like me, you're on it more than a regular computer.   This will be my first attempt at it so stay tuned and hopefully soon it will be up and running.

New Website Design Coming Soon

by Rob Falkevitz on 07/20/15

Just took control of this site from the previous owners.  My plan is to make this site less busy and easier to use and navigate.  Mobile friendly and give my customers (YOU) the ability/choice to purchase and pay for your decals and signs online via PAYPAL. 

NY Decals N Lettering is REALLY busy right now so please have some patience as the majority of the changes will most likely take place during the winter when things slow down a bit.  But the ideas on revamping the site are starting now!!!

Rob Falkevitz

Hope you enjoy this Blog and take a look at the Burro Decals in this site

by Rob Falkevitz on 04/08/10

Welcome to NY Decals N Lettering where you can find Burro Camper Decals.  Hope you enjoy the blog and the site.  Cathy

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